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“Thank you for taking such a genuine interest in our development during the Elevate Workshop. Given that it was such an early start for you each day and you're raising little ones at home, I'm sure it was a lot to juggle. You have such a supportive and caring disposition, which made everyone feel comfortable sharing and really provided a safe environment. I took a lot away from the time with everyone, and I really do think it has helped me grow.”

Michelle Sanders

Senior Sales Manager, Salesforce

“Sam worked with me for just over a year as my developmental coach and over this period I found the sessions we did together very helpful and insightful. My experience with Sam was very positive and I found him to be well organized and provided just the right amount of structure so we could work effectively. I found the sessions with Sam interesting as he asked insightful questions to challenge me and help guide me to what goals I needed to focus on. Also being a sounding board to articulate my thoughts to help me achieve the goals.”

Geoff Yau

Head of Member Services, Liquidnet Asia

"Working with Sam has been a gratifying experience both personally and professionally. Sam coached me in adapting my leadership style to be more effective in my current role, leveraging my strengths, and at the same time unlearning years of poor behaviours. Sam’s calm yet thought provoking style and approach allowed me to challenge my inner assumptions and take action. As a result, I am much more engaged in my role, my teams enjoy and deliver better work and I am more respected in the organisation more broadly."

Joao Moura

Strategy Principal, Uniting

“Transitioning from a large corporate into the start-up world came with many cultural challenges not to mention a dramatic increase in responsibility. The work I did with Sam gave me a new level of mental resilience and the ability to find the personal performance this new role demanded. He guided me through goal setting and taking full accountability for the path I wanted to create. I’ve got big plans for the future and am grateful to have found such an effective performance coach in Sam Macqueen.”

Kristian Butcher

CEO, BuildAI

“Working with Sam has been like having my very own air traffic controller, I am flying the plane, but Sam managed to direct my attention to areas that made my experience considerably less turbulent.  When I started with Sam I was juggling two startups, consulting to a client and had a very full personal life.  Over this time, Sam has helped me navigate this significant load with his remarkable insights, and ability to get to the core of things.  I highly recommend working with Sam if you're after that extra edge.”

Reece Frazier 
Co-founder, ExtrasJar

“It was Sam’s past coaching success and extensive experience in leadership and senior management roles that first drew us to working with Sam, and we are so glad we did! 
After leaving our first meeting with Sam, I turned to my business partner and said ''Why didn't we do this sooner!''  - we are now so much clearer with our values, priorities, and where we are heading. Sam comes with a stellar recommendation from us here at Motive, thanks for your continual guidance and support Sam!"

Jack Mooney
Co-founder, Motive Coworking

"Sam has a real gift for gently and respectfully bringing awareness to the areas I have not spent enough time thinking about in my work and life. Coupled with the way he distills complex psychological concepts into simple wisdom and practical tools, I find an hour spent with Sam moves me forward in powerful ways. I rate Sam as a 5 star business and personal coach!"

Nick Freedman

Management Consultant

“Most coaches lack 3 crucial ingredients: professional success; personal integrity and relevant qualification. Sam Macqueen is a standout exception, having all 3 in spades. His no-nonsense approach coupled with deep empathy and wisdom provides for a powerful resource for any person or organisation looking for peak performance and desired outcomes.”

Paul Shaw

Chief Commercial Officer

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