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About Us

Balance Consulting was founded in 2013 and has helped a vast array of organisations, teams and individuals achieve significant strategic and personal objectives. Balance Consulting utilises evidence-based practices and interventions in the organisational and coaching psychology space.


We fundamentally believe in the ability to grow, learn and develop, and recognise the impact that bespoke psychological skills, training and coaching programs can have on both individuals and organisations.


Balance Consulting focuses on growing relationships and trust with businesses over the long term, and seeks out ways to ensure our programs deliver value beyond the investment incurred.

Fundamental Beliefs

Humanistic Psychology

Emphasises looking at the whole individual and stresses concepts such as free will, self-efficacy, and self-actualisation as key drivers of human behaviour. Rather than concentrating on dysfunction, humanistic psychology strives to help people fulfil their potential and maximise their well-being.​


Self Determination Theory

A framework helping to understand motivation, performance and well-being, and sees individual experience of competence, autonomy and relatedness as critical components to people's inherent growth tendencies and distinctive psychological needs. The differentiation between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation plays a fundamental role in our cognitive and social development.


The Growth Mindset

We all possess the innate ability to learn, grow and evolve ourselves over time. Our intelligence and capabilities are not fixed - challenges and set backs are opportunities for learning and development to help scaffold us into higher performance and achievement.

Systemic thinking

We use a living systems lens to incorporate systemic impacts into our ideas and frameworks. In such an inherently unpredictable and chaotic world, we need we must be acutely aware of:

  • What systems are we are part of?

  • What level/s of control can we really have?

  • How do we maximise our impact and influence?

Goal Directed Behaviours

Understanding goal theory and hierarchies assists to explain how goals help to energise us, to keep us engaged and focussed, and ultimately to achieve more. We help develop intrinsically motivated, higher order goals that are congruent with personal resources and values. These goals contribute to a strong sense of meaning and purpose, leading to heightened fulfilment and contentment. The accountability and support aspects of coaching add an additional layer of focus and drive to work towards achieving these goals.

Evidence  Based

We only use models and techniques that are empirically proven by thorough academic research. This is critical to ensure quality outcomes and well-being in such an unregulated and fast-growing arena.

Who we are


Sam Macqueen

Founder and Director

Balance Consulting

Sam is the founder of Balance Consulting and an executive coach and facilitator with a focus on performance, relationships and well-being. He utilises an evidence-based approach to shape effective bespoke interventions and support his clients to reach their desired outcomes in all facets of their life.

His extensive corporate experience spanning 25 years including senior management and leadership roles means he is well equipped to offer organisational solutions, including strategy consulting, group coaching, workforce transformation and culture change programs.

Sam’s specific capability and understanding of the financial services domain afford him some unique and valuable perspectives in this space. 


Sam is a father of four amazing children and loves the ocean, the bush, wide-open spaces

and generally being active.


  • Masters of Coaching Psychology – Sydney University (2018)

  • Bachelor of Applied Finance – Macquarie University (2001)

  • Executive/Life Coach – The Overlap College (2011)

  • Meditation Facilitator – Nature Care College (2005)

  • LinkedIn
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